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Looking for a New Set of Tires? Here's What You Need to Know

Finding the right tires can be tricky. Fortunately, you have a couple of fantastic options depending on where you live and what your driving preferences are. Here's what you need to know.

Summer tires are great if you want to drive smoothly and quickly. If you need performance tires that will enable you to turn easily and handle light rain, this style will work well for your needs. 

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Get the Facts About Backup Cameras

There are some great modern safety features that can help protect you and your loved ones behind the wheel. One of the most popular is the backup camera. When you're driving around town, understanding the safety features of your car can help to avoid accidents and improve safety.

As of 2018, rearview monitoring technologies, or backup cameras, are standard on new passenger vehicles in the United States. They've been popular for years, however, because the detailed view can help to keep cars from crashing into kids, pets and other objects that may be out of sight of a…

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Avoid Distracted Driving: Stay Safe While on the Road

At Pensacola Honda, we want you to be safe when you're out on the road, and one of the best ways to ensure that happens is to avoid distracted driving. Even the smallest distractions can result in big consequences. Regardless of the car you choose, we want you to have many more years of safely taking it to family functions, travel adventures, and more.

Driving while tired, eating or drinking, changing the music, reaching for something that fell, personal grooming, using any electronic device, and arguing are just some of the distractions that should be avoided at all costs…

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Hatchback or Sedan: Which Do You Prefer?

Should you choose the sedan or the hatchback? Many car buyers have tried to decide which option will be best for them. So that you can make a better-informed decision, we want to tell you a few of the advantages of buying a hatchback.

One of the biggest selling points to a hatchback is the functionality of the back compartment when you need to haul more gear. A hatchback offers more space, and the back seats fold down to offer even more space. On top of that, some people even prefer the look of a hatchback over a station wagon…

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Ways to Find a Good Mechanic

We always hope that we won't have any car trouble. Nobody wants the hassle of having to take the car into the shop for repairs. One problem is finding a reputable mechanic who will do a good job. There are some things to look for when searching for a mechanic.

When looking for a mechanic, check to see if the mechanics working in the shop are ASE certified. The ASE certification tells you that the mechanic has passed tests on his or her ability as a mechanic. When considering a mechanic, always check out reviews and get recommendations. 

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Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can bring about some challenges if you aren't careful, and while your vehicle might be in great shape, there are some little things you can often improve upon to keep yourself safe and focused. Just because some rain drops start falling, you don't have to panic. Let our Honda service professionals help you stay safe at all times when on the road.

  • The rain can cause a glare to occur on the road in front of you, especially when the sun has gone down. Make sure you have your windshield wipers running and that…
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Consider Your Safety First When Changing a Flat Tire

Staying safe is imperative when changing a flat tire. It is never a good idea to change a flat tire on a hill or a highway. If you’re on a highway when a flat occurs, turn on your flashers and use the emergency shoulder until the next available exit. Drive slowly!

The most important part of changing a flat tire is securing the vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle has been properly lifted according to the owner’s manual. It is also recommended that you use a safety block for the wheels that remain on the ground. 

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What Can You do to Reduce the Risk of Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning in your vehicle can be a dangerous situation, especially if you are traveling at high speeds and there are a number of other vehicles driving around you. Hydroplaning will typically occur during a period of time when there is a lot of rain that has accumulated on the ground. Basically, your vehicle will hit that patch of moisture and lose contact and control of the road.

Avoiding hydroplaning is important because it will ensure you are safe and that your vehicle is keeping contact with the road that you are driving on. You can avoid hydroplaning by: 

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Could Your Exhaust System Have a Leak?

Your vehicle's exhaust system is designed to safely carry burned fuel away from your engine and out through the tailpipe. A leaky exhaust system can cause engine damage, as well as other problems. But how do you know if you have a leak? The Honda service team at Pensacola Honda can help you out.

  • Burning rubber smell - Leaking hot gas around the exhaust manifold can burn spark plug wires.
  • Rusty tailpipe or muffler - A leaky exhaust system allows water vapor to condense. This condensation sits and causes rust, which can cause serious damage to metal components. 
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Simple Tips for Jump Starting a Battery

With a set of jumper cables, jump starting a dead car battery is easy. Learn how to jump start your car by following these easy instructions from the Pensacola Honda auto parts specialists.

Connect the positive battery terminals in the engine of a working car and the dead car with the red jumper cable. Attach one end of the black jumper cable to the negative terminal in the working car and the other end to a metal part in the dead car’s engine. Make sure the metal part isn’t going to move once the engine starts. 

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