Most vehicle owners wash their vehicles to keep them looking nice, but there are other advantages to keeping a vehicle clean. Here at Pensacola Honda, we have a goal to keep our customers informed so they can properly care for their vehicles. Here are some reasons you should keep your vehicle washed on a regular basis.

Washing your vehicle on a regular basis will improve fuel efficiency. It is estimated that clean vehicles have 10 percent more fuel efficiency than dirty vehicles. When a vehicle is clean, it gets less drag, which means it burns less fuel than a dirty car. Keeping your vehicle clean also enhances safety. When a vehicle's windows are covered with dirt and debris, visibility will be hindered.

If you keep your vehicle clean, it will also help prevent damage to the exterior. Dirt can lead to scratches, rusting, and damage to the protective coating. Moreover, washing your vehicle on a routine basis will extend its lifespan.



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