Controlling your pet in the car might be a breeze if you have an obedient dog, but even the most well-trained animals can't help it if they shed fur all over your car interior. We want you to know about the ways to maintain your vehicle, and that includes the interior, so here are a couple of ways to get rid of pet fur.

You can cut down on the amount of fur that your dog leaves behind in the vehicle simply by brushing them before you get in the car. You should pay particular attention to this in the spring and fall when your dog sheds their winter and summer coats.

If you still have some fur that your dog is shedding, you can also use some paper towel, a water bottle, and some fabric softener to clean up the fur. Mix a couple of tablespoons of fabric softener with water in the water bottle. Then, use the paper towel to wipe up the fur.



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