Your car's engine plays the important role of making the car move. Overheating of the engine can cause extensive damage to your car beyond just the engine. Possible warning signs of an overheating engine are a hot hood, a ticking sound, coolant leaking, a burning smell and reduced engine power. At Pensacola Honda, we strive to keep car owners informed to prevent costly damage to their vehicles.

Why does a car engine overheat? There are several possible reasons behind an engine overheating, such as low coolant level, a faulty radiator and high temperatures. You should add coolant to your car when it becomes close to being too low. When there's a problem with the radiator, your engine can't cool itself properly. On hot days, stay more aware of your engine's temperature to avoid damage from overheating.

When your engine overheats and your coolant levels are correct and it's not a hot day, something may be wrong with another area of the vehicle. It's crucial you get your car looked at immediately to avoid costlier repairs. You can schedule an appointment at our dealership.



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