When you’re ready to embark on your next family fun weekend, the last thing you want to think about is what might go wrong. Fortunately Honda offers Honda Sensing™ on the 2020 Honda Pilot so you can focus on enjoying the ride while your SUV helps you keep an eye out for trouble. Find your new Honda Pilot in our new inventory at Pensacola Honda today!

Forward Collision Alert

A key part of Honda Sensing™ on the 2020 Honda Pilot is the forward collision alert system. This radar-assisted system scans the road ahead for stopped vehicles and pedestrians and emits a warning that lets you know about potential trouble. What’s more, if you fail to react to the warnings and a collision is still imminent, automatic emergency braking can step in to reduce your speed and thus the severity of the impact.

Blind Spot Information System

With a three-row SUV such as the 2020 Honda Pilot, keeping track of vehicles in adjacent lanes isn’t always an easy task. The Blind Spot Information System aids in awareness by letting you know when a vehicle is next to you or approaching from behind quickly. One glance and you’ll know whether or not it’s safe to make that lane change without incident.

Lane Keep Assist System

While staying focused on the road is critical to safety, sometimes things happen that can distract us from the road ahead. When this happens, the Lane Keep Assist System on the 2020 Honda Pilot will let you know that you’re drifting toward the edge of your lane, and can even offer gentle steering assistance to keep you where you belong. Not only does this keep you from accidentally hitting a vehicle next to you, but it can keep you from running off the road altogether.

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