With Honda Sensing, the 2019 Honda Accord is as Safe as it is Exciting

As the roads of Pensacola become more and more crowded by the day, having a vehicle that will go the extra mile to keep you safe is more important than ever. The 2019 Honda Accord does just that with Honda Sensing®, the suite of advanced technologies that combines radar sensors with camera technology to protect you from hazards while on the road.

Advanced forward collision alert technology scans the road ahead for stopped vehicles and will send you an audible warning tone if it detects a potential accident. In some cases, this system can sense a stopped vehicle that you can’t even see yet, so you can be one step ahead of those around you and apply the brakes before an accident occurs. Should you fail to react quickly enough, this system has the ability to apply the brakes automatically in an effort to reduce any potential impact.

This same system scans for road markings to prevent you from accidentally leaving the road surface. If you begin to drift toward the edge of the road, you’ll be alerted so you can make the appropriate correction. If it appears as though you aren’t working to get back on the road, your Honda Accord can once again apply brake pressure to protect you from a dangerous situation.

Have you ever been driving on an unfamiliar road and suddenly realize you have no idea what the speed limit is? With traffic sign recognition in the 2019 Honda Accord, that feeling can be a thing of the past. All you’ll have to do is glance down at your digital display and you’ll be reminded of the last speed limit sign your Accord passed, even if you didn’t notice it yourself

Check out these and all of the other incredible features available on the 2019 Honda Accord at Pensacola Honda! And if you’re looking for a different model, feel free to explore the rest of our new inventory before paying us a visit.

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