A damaged windshield can be a huge nuisance. Fortunately, not all windshield damage necessitates an entire replacement. Often times, a windshield chip repair will suffice in preventing further damage. The automotive experts at Pensacola Honda are well-equipped to provide you with the best advice about how to best repair your windshield.

A chip repair process will not remove the crack from the windshield. However, it will work to prevent the break from spreading and causing additional damage. Although you might always be able to see the original break, its appearance will be greatly reduced by this service.

In order to repair a chip in the windshield, a liquid resin is applied to the crack. This material bonds to the break, preventing it from spreading across the windshield further. Chip repairs are not recommended for areas on the windshield that are in the critical viewing area because it can be a distraction.



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