Consider Your Safety First When Changing a Flat Tire

Staying safe is imperative when changing a flat tire. It is never a good idea to change a flat tire on a hill or a highway. If you’re on a highway when a flat occurs, turn on your flashers and use the emergency shoulder until the next available exit. Drive slowly!

The most important part of changing a flat tire is securing the vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle has been properly lifted according to the owner’s manual. It is also recommended that you use a safety block for the wheels that remain on the ground. You should also use emergency flares. You will need to remove the lug nuts using the lug wrench. Typically, they're extremely tight. Take your time and take a break if the lug nuts are hard to remove.

Please stay safe during your travels. Pensacola Honda is only a phone call away in sunny Pensacola, FL for your vehicle repair needs!

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