What to do if Your Car Loses Performance Power

The exhaust system in your car is responsible for bringing in air from your engine, removing toxins, and sending the air back out into the environment. In addition, the muffler of your exhaust system helps quiet the noise that your car makes. If your car has suddenly become much louder as you are driving, you probably need a new muffler.

A car that has trouble getting up to speed is often having a problem with the exhaust system. Holes in the muffler or pipes can make your car less efficient and have difficulty picking up speed. If your car has become loud or isn't driving well, it's time to get your exhaust system looked at.

At Pensacola Honda, we are ready to inspect your car and repair your exhaust system if necessary. We can replace your catalytic converter or patch up your muffler, depending on what is wrong with your exhaust system.

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