Why is the Car so Bouncy?

Driving your vehicle shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to corral an unruly child in a bounce house. You have enough to contend with when you’re on the road. Normal wear and tear can create a suspension system that’s loose and shocks that don’t absorb the road’s imperfections.

The suspension system allows you to control the vehicle’s steering. It also provides comfort while you’re riding by protecting you from road bumps. Finally, your car's suspension is designed to keep the wheels on the road. Wheels require the road’s friction to move. As you can see, a car’s suspension system, which includes the shocks and struts, has a big job to do.

If you notice vibration or shaking, or the steering wheel wants to veer out of line, it may be time for service. Stop by Pensacola Honda the next time you’re in the Pensacola, FL area. We’ll be glad to help keep you safely on the road.

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