Should You Consider Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement?

Your vehicle’s windshield wipers are responsible for keeping the glass clear of snow, rain, and general debris. They are a vital part of safe driving. It’s a good idea to check the rubber on them periodically for signs of wear. The elements, such as the sun and debris, combined with continual use will wear away their ability to function properly.

A blade that streaks or skips across the glass is an indicator that replacement should be sought. The blades’ rubber is designed to flow smoothly across the glass. When one blade appears to need replacing, it’s recommended that you change both of them. The other will most likely need replacing soon after.

Check with your owner’s manual for the proper type and fit of blades. If you need to, you can always measure the blade itself. We’re here at our Honda parts store in Pensacola, FL to help you with your questions.

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