What are Clutch Driven Radiator Fans?

In addition to the coolant itself, your vehicle's cooling system has other parts that contribute to the cooling efforts. One such component is called the engine fan, and these parts can be invaluable when they work properly.

Engine cooling fans get their energy in various ways. Some motor cooling fans get their motive energy directly from the engine by way of belts and pulleys. Others may be directly connected to drive shafts by way of special clutches.

The function of these clutches is to match fan speed with cooling system needs. At higher road speeds, the clutch kicks into play and slows the fan blades down. At lower velocities, the clutch disengages to allow the fan blades to pick up speed.

Cooling fans need to consistently work in order to prevent engine overheating. Keeping them in good working order requires periodic maintenance checks, and at our Honda service facility, we field a number of cooling system technicians with deep experience working with radiator fans. To have your system assessed, swing by Pensacola Honda today for a no-obligation conversation.

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