What Can You do to Reduce the Risk of Hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning in your vehicle can be a dangerous situation, especially if you are traveling at high speeds and there are a number of other vehicles driving around you. Hydroplaning will typically occur during a period of time when there is a lot of rain that has accumulated on the ground. Basically, your vehicle will hit that patch of moisture and lose contact and control of the road.

Avoiding hydroplaning is important because it will ensure you are safe and that your vehicle is keeping contact with the road that you are driving on. You can avoid hydroplaning by:

  • Maintaining a safe speed
  • If you see a large area of water coming up, don't slam on the brakes - but do slow down if there is time.
  • If you feel your vehicle lose control, don't hit the brakes. Try to keep control of your vehicle until you regain contact with the road again.

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